ROPEC 2018

14 de noviembre del 2018 al 16 de noviembre del 2018

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Infotec participa en tres sesiones especiales:
Special Session: Evolutionary Computation (EC)

Organizers: Dr. Mario Graff (Infotec) / Dr. Hugo Jair Escalante (INAOE)

The following topics are of particular interest:

• EC used in machine learning
• Parallelisation of EC
• EC to solve big-data problems
• Real world applications of EC
• Comparative studies between different EC and/or with traditional optimization techniques
• EC surveys on hot topics
• EC in computer vision

Please click here to download a pdf file with more details about the EC.

Special Session: Vision and Language (VL)
Organizers: Dra. Daniela Moctezuma (CentroGeo) & Dr. Eric S. Téllez (Infotec)

Artificial vision
• Faces and gestures
• People detection and identification
• Object tracking and recognition
• Shape and texture analysis
• Biometric and soft-biometric features
• Remote sensing
• Image understanding
• Affective computing

Visión y lenguaje
• Image and video description and summarization
• Image and video labeling and annotation
• Image and video retrieval
• Visually grounded language understanding
• Visual question answering / visual Turing challenge
Applications in: security, forensics, marketing, etc.

Please click here to download a pdf file with more details about the VL.

Special Session: Internet of Things
The topics of interest in this session include (but not limited to):

• Internet of Things based on FIWARE
• Robotics based on IoT
• Industry 4.0 and the IoT
• Internet of the future and smart cities based on IoT
• Systems, models, architectures and platforms based on IoT
• Artificial Intelligence for IoT
• Real-world applications based on IoT
• State of the art reviews on topics related to IoT
• Positioning articles on controversial issues in IoT

Please click here to download a pdf file with more details about the IoT.

Important Dates:

August 13, 2018: Full paper submission.
September 3, 2018: Acceptance Notification.
September 23, 2018: Final paper submission.
November 14-16, 2018: ROPEC 2018.

Datos de contacto:

Área de Comunicación Institucional - Tel: 5624 2800 ext. 3048 - infotecomunica@infotec.mx